Features Overview


Custom Software For Your Business


I Multipurpose Applications

Thincloud is an application framework made of up small single purpose applications we call plugins. By combining different plugins you can solve a plethora of problems. For example, combine the ability to create online estimates, take payment through your website, and a checkbook ledger; together, they create have a powerful workflow for generating and accounting for revenue. Since all of the applications are web-based, they can be collaboratively shared with colleagues.

2 Site Specific Browsing

For quite some time, Mac users have had the unique ability to run an instance of their Safari web browser independently of the application. These separate instances can be used for a dedicated purpose such as webmail. Google Chrome now introduces the same concept to Windows. This provides a level of desktop simplicity and seamlessness that is uncommon to web applications. You’ll spend more time working and less time waiting for pages to load.

3 Rich Media Interfaces

Thincloud uses both web standards and rich media to deliver interactivity that is usually only capable with desktop operating systems. This is achieved through design and the use of Javascript and Flash. Whether you are listening to a message, flipping through documents or interacting with graphs, these technologies will help deliver a deeper, more software-like experience.

4 Mac OSX Integration

We can tap into the hidden power of Mac OSX and provide comprehensive solutions for integration with Growl, QuickSilver, Dashboard, the Dock and iPhone Applications. Some examples include group chat notifications to custom dashboard widgets with important reports. When we blur the line between operating systems and web applications, amazing things emerge. Anything is possible.